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After careful consideration we have decided, regretfully, that we are not going to go ahead with the 2017 Device Developers’ Conference / H/WExpo.

Although we once again have excellent support and commitment from many of our regular sponsors and exhibitors for this year’s event, there has been insufficient support to continue with the H/WExpo and taking that out of the equation leaves the DDC not sufficiently viable – neither financially, nor in terms of having what we felt was strong enough content to the agenda to support the event, to attract discerning delegates, and to make it worth their while to travel to it. Certainly, one issue for us is that more marketing budgets are moving towards webinars and on-line content, rather than face-to-face conferences.

Therefore, having run conferences over the past 15 years which we have been very proud of, we have decided to cancel the 2017 event, rather than risk a poor conference.

Thanks once again for your interest in and support in our events.